Master Roland Hor 200

Welcome to Landscape Feng Shui, I believe you found this site because you want to know more about feng shui and how it can help you to achieve success and have more fulfillment in life and in business.

Using the ancient Chinese metaphysics, time has proven again and again, feng shui is invisible energy that surrounds the environment we live, if channeled properly, no matter who you are, you can reap benefits from the secrets that were once closely guarded by the ancient Chinese elites. I am specialized in house selections, feng shui remedies combine with powerful date selection techniques for residential and commercial projects. Many people have benefited from my feng shui works.


Master Hor (Roland)


Benefits of having Good Fengshui:

  • Positive energy produces good mood, family harmony
  • Improved relationship between husband and wife and higher chance of conceive baby
  • Kids able to focus on studies and achieve better academic results
  • Better financial & job stability & job promotion for working class
  • Increase sales, smoother sailing for business owners
  • Enjoys good health among family members, reduced illness